Other Facilities

Post 16 Centre

Our Post 16 centre is a separate building on our school site and has purpose built facilities to support the OCR Life and Living Skills programme.  These include fully equipped kitchen and ICT facilities.

Sensory Garden and Sensory Rooms

Our sensory facilities are designed to be used by pupils in order to stimulate and develop responses using all senses. Our external play area now has a newly constructed sensory garden which includes bubble machine, audio equipment, water feature and specifically grown plants and herbs. We also have sensory rooms and areas across school which are equipped with light and sound effects.

Therapy Services

On site we have a school nurse, who works closely with visiting NHS staff to support the physical, medical and communication needs of our pupils. Therapy is an integral part of the curriculum and our school based therapy staff work closely with all school staff to ensure appropriate therapy delivery in a number of therapeutic environments including the hydrotherapy pool.