The Peak School Curriculum 

 In response to the wide profile of need of our pupils, Peak School has developed a curriculum that starts in Early Years and takes pupils on a developmental learning journey, following the pathway(s) suitable to their developmental, social and academic needs. This journey concludes at 19, for the majority of young people in Post 16 pathway preparing them for moving into adulthood and the next phase of their life after Peak School, the exception being those residing at Peak Lodge and moving out of area for their adult placement at 18.

Topics are used a vehicle for learning, which ensures there are firm foundations to build an ambitious, broad and balanced curriculum. The creative, thematic approach allows the pupils at Peak School to make connections between the different elements of their learning. Topics were chosen in consultation with class teachers, ensuring topics were engaging, relevant and challenging. Careful consideration was given to ensure coverage in all curriculum areas provide breadth and balance as well as the appropriateness of the timing. This allows planned activities to build on real life experiences. Topics are sequenced so they allow pupils to learn more and do more as they progress through the topics.

Due to the wide profile of need and ability at Peak School, teaching and learning will look very different across pathways, but ultimately our aims for our students remain the same.

  • For all students to have a positive experience of learning, by boosting self-esteem, self- image and experiences of success.
  • For teaching and learning to be appropriate and adaptive for individual learners, to meet individual needs and learning styles, while providing an appropriate level of pace and
  • For students to experience a broad and balanced curriculum with embedded learning across lessons, activities and experiences.
  • For learning to be practical, purposeful and meaningful for all
  • For students to develop independence, but also the ability to work co-operatively with
  • For students to be able to apply their knowledge into everyday life and preparing them for their adult lives beyond Peak School

For further details of the Curriculum please contact Dave Jones (Deputy Head Teacher) 01663 – 750324.

Curriculum Policy

Leaps Pathway including EYFS

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