Pupil Attainment and Progress

For most pupils at Peak School tracking and monitoring of attainment and progress is different from that used in mainstream schools, where pupils follow the National Curriculum.

Peak School uses the B Squared assessment scheme to assess and monitor progress in core subjects. This is recognised nationally as an appropriate method for Special Schools. Each pupil is monitored termly and annually against their predicted ‘flight path.’ Progress in non-traditionally academic subjects is monitored through a variety of means.

Progress in Early Years and Foundation Stage (EYFS) is assessed against the national Early Learning Goals and evidenced through keeping ‘learning journey’ files for each pupil.

Post 16 pupils follow and are assessed through support given with the OCR Life and Living Skills Programme.

All pupils are tracked annually in order to monitor and highlight any potential issues. Judgements of progress in academic subjects are based on National Progression guidance. Judgements of progress in other areas of development are made using a variety of tools. Judgements of progress with behaviour are based on data collected for individual pupils, analysed through specialist software.

All outcomes are shared with parents/carers via teacher meetings and the annual review meeting. Outcomes are also reported to the Governing Board of the school on a regular basis.

Please contact the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher, or class teacher if you require any information regarding individual pupil progress and attainment.

Results for the last academic year are attached below:

Pupil Results 2021-22